Case Studies

Highly cleaned compressed air for laser cutting application.

As everyone knew, clean compressed air is very important in laser cutting application, the lance, most important part of the process machine, will be damaged immediately and cause the producing line shut down once the inlet compressed air is oil contented. Which means that the unclean compressed air cause not only the machine damaged itself, but the huge amount cost in financial and time are serious.

Vanetech K series air compressor provide compressed air with the best quality has been proved in laser cutting industry. After years of operation the satisfaction from our customers thanks to the best performance, stability and highest purity of our own products, 24-7 continuous operation provide the most economical running cost of the whole laser cutting factory. Different from our competitors, Vanetech air compressors has larger and well-designed separator installed which is also a cyclone type coolant separator, additionally, the air-end itself is vertical designed and installed, which means that the compressed air has been through 3-stages of coolant removing process before delivery. Above mentioned conditions with the most professional engineering team designed filtration and delivery pipe system, make the entire air compression itself as a state of the art.